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Megamind - 'Bad Guy' vs ‘Nice Guy’

Seriously, if you haven’t see this movie, you really, really should. There are so many great things about Megamind: anti-bullying, great female character, funny jokes, touching scenes, very detailed animation, super awesome music… The gif set above is probably my favourite thing, however: Nice Guy is the bad guy.

Nice guys are always the real bad guys when they feel they are entitled to a woman’s affection. Megamind realizes he’s fucked up in a grand way and is truly sorry. He honestly respects Roxanne so much more after everything they go through together. Hal? Hal just expects SUPERHERO = GETS THE GIRL.

And why shouldn’t he, considering how most superheros end up portrayed with beefy muscles and girls hanging off of their arms.

He doesn’t understand that women aren’t accessories like his cape.

This film is important.

I just want to say this is literally my favourite movie of all time. There are so many great morals and lessons in this story. I will always love this movie with all of my heart.

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Do you ever feel like someone doesn’t want to be friends with you anymore? They don’t have to say anything, you just know. They talk to other people more than you, take hours to reply to your texts instead of minutes, constantly make plans with other people and hardly ask you to hang out. All along you know it isn’t gonna end well but you still have that sliver of hope. And that one day, they ignore you completely. And you know, you finally have to accept, you were right.

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